My Story

Jenny Gallagher, Illuminate Mind-Body Coach

The common thread throughout my career and my life has been my interest in health and well-being. I have had many “light-bulb” moments:

As a young woman with chronic pain I realized exercise improved my mindset; even on those days where I did not feel physically well. This gave me a sense of empowerment and hope.

In my late 30’s when I walked out of my first Ashtanga yoga class no one needed to tell me the benefits of yoga, as I immediately got it. My corporate career was very demanding but when I left I realized I just spent 90 minutes not thinking about work.  The time I spent in my yoga practice became profoundly important in my self-discovery; which lead me to wanting to teach and share this with others.

Around that same time I met my first Life Coach and was blown away.  I immediately knew that was my calling. Interesting what I learned from life coaching training was similar to what I was learning in my yoga teacher training; as it was all about self-improvement! This lead me to publishing 3 books on the ancient teachings and modern life coaching techniques. After the publication of my 2nd book I was offered my very own talk radio show and I’ve had the privilege of interviewing thought leaders in the health and wellness field.

For 13 years I had my own business helping individuals and businesses with stress reduction and work/life balance. Through my career I’ve worked with many amazing companies and individuals.

However, in 2015 I had an opportunity to go back into corporate healthcare analytics and decided to go for it.  The experience taught me a lot; but with growth comes growing pains.  As my stress increased I needed to seek out new healing modalities including Reiki and energy medicine.  Yet I still struggled as I felt I had lost my purpose when I closed my business.  I found Numerology, which really helped me to understand my life path and destiny numbers and this has been the catalyst for change.

In 2020 Illuminate started as a way for me to share inspiration, including YouTube videos during the Pandemic. This lead to more ideas and connections with others in the healing community that were also trying to support others.

I share my story because I know with my knowledge and experiences; as well as the cool new methodology I have prepared that together we can find your spark through Illuminate. I look forward to learning your story. Welcome.