Our mission is to encourage and support your self-discovery journey.


Our mission is to encourage and support your self-discovery journey. If you are asking the big questions like, “Who am I ?” and “What is my true potential?”, then we invite you to come play so you can live your most authentic life. Why play? You’ll learn more later about why this attitude (energetic vibration) is helpful.

But first a little background: Conscious Self Discovery (CSD) is an extension of Illuminate Mind + Body, which provides private sessions and the Group Dynamics program.

CSD provides a more in-depth “how to” approach to self-discovery, as well as affordable self-paced content. This reduces the need for private or group sessions, which is very attractive to our HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) clientele, as they tend to be more private. Plus offering affordable options allows everyone that is interested to be included in the CSD family. Because after all, in addition to being a personal journey it really is about connecting.

The CSD Attainments allow you to work in alignment with your schedule and your current practices. If you do decide to have a private session or attend a group session you are always welcome to do so. There is also an advanced program for those ready to use these techniques to develop interpersonal relationships. And for other coaches, healers, therapists (or those interested in moving in that direction) you may find the Immersion Program helpful as the CSD Attainments are basically different varieties of personality profiles using Ayurveda, Numerology, Astrology and The Archetypes. These tools allow us to learn about ourselves but also how we relate with others and how to make the most out of our circumstances.

Let’s get started with the fundamentals of the concept!

When we enter this world initially as small children, we are mostly physical beings, meaning the mind qualities haven’t become pronounced yet. However, at a young age we receive lots of information from our surroundings.

The subconscious stores everything and this develops into “preprogramming”. This is extremely helpful as children learn to function in the world. This is also known as conditioning and the downside is that as we get older, we may be unaware of why we believe certain things or act in certain ways.

Think about where you have confusion or frustration around conflicting thoughts and feelings. It could be there is incongruence with your true purpose in life. If you feel stuck in unhealthy or unsatisfying patterns, then trust that there is more for you!

  • Think of it like a triangle. The three points are spirit at the top (your higher self), which connects to the physical body (sensations and experiences), this then activates the mind (thoughts, opinions) about the sensations and experiences which then finishes the feedback loop with the higher self. When your thoughts (mind) and actions (body) align with your higher self you experience congruence (alignment), otherwise incongruence which leads to dissatisfaction. Note: Consciousness is Physical! It is the emotional experience in the body (physical sensations and emotions), and we will cover these qualities (Ayurvedic Guna’s) later.
  • Your higher self (spirit) is your true self. When you were born you came into physical form (body). This first integration of spirit and body took precedence as the mind wasn’t really developed yet. As you developed you started to think more and form opinions.
  • These thoughts then connect with your higher self and if you are in congruence (alignment), it will create feelings (body) that are satisfying. Otherwise, you will notice feelings of dissatisfaction (incongruence). These feedback loops continue with every thought and experience, all of which the subconscious stores. The trick is to create awareness so you can filter out what is not serving your highest self. This is conscious self-discovery. The objective is to help you to feel empowered and ready for inspired action. Here at Conscious Self Discovery, you will learn that as you make these connections you will illuminate and this transformation is worth devoting your time and energy to.
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