Private Yoga

Private 1-Hour Session $145 In this 1-hour Zoom session, you will receive an assessment, some yoga practice time, and afterwards you will receive a handout with your recommended postures and with details on how they will help you. This personalized approach is traditionally how yoga was taught for thousands of years. Even just one session […]

Life, Wellness and Career Coaching

Private Coaching Session $120 These 60 to 75-minute calls allow you to get focused and enthusiastic about positive change. We understand change is sometimes scary or “hard work.” But, we want to make it fun! If you want to improve your energy, you cannot approach life with drudgery, fear, or worry. Please select your area […]

Energy Clearing

Chakra Cleanse: This 30-minute session allows you to reboot energetically. You’d be surprised how much lingers in your energy fields if you haven’t sufficiently digested, processed, or assimilated past circumstances.


Your Core Numbers $30 In this 15-minute call, you will learn about the secrets your birthday and name hold, including Life Path, Soul, Destiny, and Personality numbers. Basic Astro-Numerology Chart $145 This 60 to 90-minute session (phone or Zoom) includes Your Core Numbers and therefore the price is reduced if we have done this for […]

Complementary 30-Minute Introductory Call

This allows us to get to know each other and to understand your areas of interest. From here, you may decide to start with the Astro-Numerology charts (which we highly recommend as it can connect a lot of the dots in your life). Or, you can schedule a coaching call, energy clearing, or private Zoom […]