Reaching Attainment!

Now you get to use the framework provided by Conscious Self Discovery to learn about you!


We call each step an Attainment. You can take them in any order. We recommend you start with Self-Discovery (as you may find it affirming as you begin to create new feedback loops for congruence), but it is up to you. Here are your choices. You can schedule private sessions or use the self-paced content provided.

Self-Discovery (Mind):

  • Numerology Introduction. Here you will learn about your Life Path, Cornerstone, Achievement Number, and Birthday. We call this your divine code as it provides key insights into who you are.
  • Astrology Introduction and Your Cosmic Cast. Here you will learn about your Sun, Moon, and Ascending signs but in a fun and playful way as we use the Archetypes to understand the influences.
  • Ayurveda Introduction and Your Dosha. Here you will learn about your primary constitution and how to balance the elements.
  • Your Soul Questions and Universal Laws. This allows you to determine how your personal Numerology, Astrology, and Dosha all come together.

Conscious (Body): In the future, there will be more attainments for you to choose from.

  • Yoga 8 Limbed Path Introduction. This is where a shift begins, from understanding self to application. This isn’t about yoga poses (but can be if you want) 😊
  • Emotional Intelligence – Creating resilience through EQ.
  • Energetic Calibration – understanding emotions and how to heal and move forward.

Illuminate (Spirit):