Your Divine Code Profile Kit, by Conscious Self Discovery

Your Divine Code Profile Kit


The Profile Kit includes 4 attainments:

  1. the elements and your current state of being,
  2. your divine code from numerology,
  3. your cosmic cast from astrology, including planetary archetypes,
  4. the universal laws and soul questions.



  • Attainment 1 – The Elements and Your Current State of Being – This includes a pdf with the Ayurvedic elements and dosha’s, the Personal Makeup Questionnaire, journal questions and audio lesson. You will learn about your starting point and how to find balance.
  • Attainment 2 – Your Divine Code – This includes a high-level understanding of Numerology Introduction and a few of your core numbers that are easy to calculate. You will discover your Life Path, Cornerstone, Achievement Number and Psychic Number. You will discover your natural talents, what you value, your potential and who you truly are.
  • Attainment 3 – Your Cosmic Cast – This includes a high-level introduction into astrology as well as the planetary archetypes. Even if you only know your Sun sign you will gain insights.  However, there are many calculators online that can help you determine your Moon sign, Ascending sign and much more.  Or feel free to schedule a reading.  You will prepare your Journey Map, helping you to visualize the ups and downs of life and which archetypal energies helped you along the way. This is a fun and playful way to understand influences in your life.
  • Attainment 4 – Soul Questions – This includes a list of the 12 Universal Laws and journal questions. From here you will create a vision statement and roadmap for inspired action.

Your Divine Code Profile Kit